Kerkhoff Software: Products, services and Idea for all Kerkhoff clients

Kerkhoff Software offers intelligent products and services relating to the topics of "costing" and "benchmarking". The application tools render our clients and consultant's activities more efficient and provide precise calculations, taking external market data into account. 

In permanent use by consultants from Kerkhoff Cost Engineering and Kerkhoff Consulting, our software products will be intensively checked for their everyday applicability and constantly improved. Consultants from Kerkhoff Companies subject our software products to intensive checks for their suitability for everyday use during operation and continuously improve them.

We thus ensure that our products are high-performing, efficient and up-to-date, meeting the permanently changing requirements and offering our client precisely the service they want. 

Moreover, development partnerships with our clients also contribute to it. In trustful collaboration, successful solutions are developed for individual requirements which are subsequently made available to all clients. 

Our objective is to offer our clients and partners any services and products which will let them be more successful.

If you are interested in further information about our services or in a development partnership, we would be pleased about your contact at any time.

Short films about our services

Our services on service cost analysis and product cost analysis in short films.

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